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Nebula "Spit with a Purpose!"

In the Fall of 2018, GIANT VOID was approached by the fine folks at Nebula Genomics to pitch a series of video ideas for their forthcoming product launch. With some entrenched competition, they chose to follow an off the beaten path with an idea that brings some levity to the sample process.

FALL 2018 GIANT VOID was approached by the team of wizards at Nebula Genomics to bring to life an idea they had for their fast approaching product launch. Nebula was thrilled with the idea of creating something off the beaten path, with some funny instagram posts to boot.

We leaned heavily on our extensive animation and ideation experience to make spitting something more cute than eeek. GIANT VOID handled all stages of production from soup to nuts.



Production Team
Production Company:
Director: Jonathan Corriveau
1st AD: Hope Garza
Director of Photography: August Winkleman
Lighting: Andy Olson
Key Grip: Jason Gittens
1st AC: Ben Wild
DIT: Colby Lowery
Stylist: Wendy Delgado
Hair: Jason Rail
Makeup: Winnie Fong
Studio Teacher: Carolyn Crimley

Pre and Post Team
Storyboard Artist:
Fernando Argosino
Casting Director: Kristen Beck
Editor: Tim Fender
Sound Design: Jeremiah Moore
CG & Color Grade: GIANT VOID

Pitcher: Vance Shek-Shepard
Girl: Chloe Berry
Sleepy Woman: Keisha Riley
Batter: Tim Quinn